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Why looking good is no longer enough

I am Colette Davenport, an authority on inner beauty for influential women. My clients tend to have a public image, so they are on a relentless pursuit to prevent aging. But what they don’t realize is: no beauty treatment will ever fix the “secret ugliness” they think they have safely hidden away inside.

My signature Metaphysical Makeover illuminates this “darkness” for my brilliant clients so you can finally be free.


Imagine a deeper connection to your Higher Self that is soul satisfying and sustainable even in your high-profile lifestyle.


Our offerings are private, transcendent, and timeless. You deserve the very best and your inner beauty experience should be no less than divine.

Let Your

Inner Beauty Shine


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Where should I start?

If you’re new to doing inner work, we suggest starting with the Soul Care Checklist to assess where you might need support. If you know what you’d like to improve, book a consultation and Colette will expertly guide you to the satisfaction you desire.

Are the offerings in person?

Some of the offerings are in person while others are virtual, or a combination thereof. Colette’s highly refined metaphysical methodology includes direct transmissions as well as teaching you how to cultivate divine connection so you can express yourself fully.

What Can I expect to get?

You will only be invited to the offer that is most aligned with your goals and your unique situation. Working with Colette is a transcendent experience that results in unwavering confidence, clarity of purpose and direction, and inner peace. Your true beauty will burst forth and be felt by you and others.

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The Makeover

Discover Your Divinity

Transform at a soul level with our signature service, The Metaphysical Makeover. Enjoy an afternoon devoted to accessing your divinity, releasing the past, and calling forth the ideal you. Awaken your inner sleeping beauty, activate your creativity, and be done with the self-doubt for good.

In-office or Virtual | 4 hrs + 4 calls



Spiritual Affluence

Experience the greatest adventure inward to discover a wealth of love and understanding. Take The Divine Journey through private coaching. With Colette as your guide, you’ll walk the path of substance-free self-realization organized into three phases, Know Yourself, Love Yourself, Express Yourself.

Virtual | 12 calls

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Sacred Rejuvenation

Revive your body and mind while illuminating your soul. The Infinity Retreat is a luxury whole-being wellness experience that transports you to the metaphysical realm. Retreat into a sanctuary where inner peace and beauty converge in perfect harmony.

Location TBD | 3 days

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